Airports & Heliports

Airports & Heliports is a simple web application powered by the Wolfram Cloud that visualises on a map, the number and locations of airports and heliports in any given city. You enter the name of the city you want, a map is generated in the Wolfram Cloud and returned in PDF format which can then be saved.

Let's say you'd like to know the number of airports/heliports in Paris, and where they are.

The Smart Field shows examples when you click on the red icon, based on the kind of input specified when creating the form. In this case, I have specified that the input should be the name of a city. Whatever the input may be, it will be interpreted as a city, and if no such city is found, an error message will be returned.

I chose Paris because as you can see, Paris, TX was suggested by the smart field, but I only entered Paris without specifying which one I want. My input was interpreted as Paris, France by the Wolfram Natural Language Understanding System.

Here's the returned result:

Try it out:

Alternatively, you can access the app directly, here.

Or scan this: